It’s fitting that I received this word of the day via in my inbox today.

Revenant: One who returns after a long absence.

I just returned from a mini vacation, which is why there was no “Best of Our Blogs” this past Friday. Although it wasn’t a long break, the time away felt significant. It reminded me of what it’s like returning from any break-the return back always feels life changing.

As we head right into fall, you might be undergoing change yourself. Maybe you’re back to school or work or entering the dating scene again. Maybe the transition you’re making is due to new habits you want to adopt or you’re preparing for the change in the weather and the resulting symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Whatever you’re enduring, this week’s post is brimming with articles to help you make the transition easier, less jarring and hopefully a lot smoother. Jumping back into day to day life can be as harsh as jumping right into the bitter cold ocean. Sometimes you need to dip your toes in first. Hope these articles are just as warm and kind to you as that.

3 Types of Change Your Brain Adapts (3 of 3)

(Neuroscience & Relationships) – Forget about the proverb that says you “can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Age isn’t the issue. It’s your brain. Dr. Staik gives us five factors that will help you learn something new or adopt a new behavior change by training your brain.

5 Keys to Preparing for Fall and Winter Blues

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – If you’ve ever had Seasonal Affective Disorder, then you might be especially sad to say goodbye to summer. But a great way to have a better season is to prepare now for upcoming winter blues. Read this for a few key tips.

Finding Meaning to Cope with Life Struggles

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – When difficulties happen in life it can feel as if we have no choices left. The impact can feel overwhelming and even traumatic. But there is hope. As hard to imagine as it sounds, one way to pull yourself out of negativity is by looking for positive purpose and meaning in your experience.

Does Emotional Intelligence Cross Species?

(Equine Therapy) – Having a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) with people may not necessarily make you adept with horses and vice versa. But the fact that emotional intelligence may not, in fact, cross species is very telling to the differences in how we (individuals and animals) communicate.

The Top 10 Happiest Jobs – Not Just for ADHDers!

(ADHD from A to Zoë) – There’s no denying that there are differences between those with ADHD and those without it. But when it comes to the things we want and don’t want in a job the differences are slim to none. And as Zoë discovers, the differences that do exist and make choosing an occupation harder (e.g. chronic lateness, disorganization, lack of social skills) may actually end up being a good thing. Find out why here.