Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

As for me, yesterday was a normal workday with business as usual. As I was typing away, I suddenly felt like the only person in the country working. I heard people laughing and could smell a waft of barbecue in the air. I was about to feel quite desperate for a vacation, when I decided what I really needed was a change in environment.

I took a walk. I felt the breeze on my face. I saw the shadows from trees creating unique patterns on the sidewalk in front of me. I heard birds crying out in the distance, a man whistling from afar. In the absence of a plan or a busy schedule, I could sense a symphony of aliveness that I often ignored.

In a ten minute walk around my block, I realized that every bad day had a potential to be a good one if I could learn to change my perspective. Just like an intimidating situation or an unexpected life change, with an ability to be open and willingness to move with what was happening instead of struggling against it, I could learn to embrace whatever it was that was going on right now.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t wish I was sitting in a hammock on an island somewhere or getting a massage at the spa. What it meant was that I could create that same type of result, that same feeling of relaxation and hope, if I had the courage to do something different.

These top posts from the last week are all about giving you new perspectives-new ways of solving old problems whether you’re afraid of blogging or are highly sensitive. You just need to be willing to open your mind, to bend in the wind instead of resist it and read this.

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