Every once in awhile, I like to snoop around my old diaries. Besides personally being one of the best non-fiction reads to me, it gives good insight into who I was and potentially who I will be.

One of the jewels of wisdom I recently picked up from a 7 year old Winnie the Pooh journal contained information on my state of mind at the time. The details are not important. But the general feeling of that entire year was one of heartache and confusion. There was this sense of longing, emptiness, a feeling that whatever I was going through was not only uncomfortable, but unfair.

I even wrote: “When I’m 50, I’ll probably look back on this moment and it will be a fleeting and insignificant memory. But right now, I’m having a hard time with it.”

I smiled reading it because I can see both the calamity I felt at that moment and the foresight I had to know eventually it would pass.

In reading this old entry, I remembered how important it is to have both compassion for our situation and faith that whatever we are experiencing now will eventually end. It’s a part of my own self-growth that I could appreciate even in my twenties. And it’s something one blogger touches upon this week in her post about how our thoughts can impede or further our growth.

If only I had these top posts to read back then. Hope you enjoy them!

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