Every day can seem pretty ordinary. It can look almost identical on the surface. But if you were to take a magnify glass and zoom in on the individual moments of your day, you may be surprised by what you find.

Within those 24 hours, there are mini lessons, opportunities to choose differently and open doors toward self-growth. The problem is we’re usually too busy to notice them.

Take today, for example. There was the lady who blatantly and unashamedly pushed me out of the grocery line. I could have chosen to say something. But I didn’t. I was also late for an appointment. I could have carried the guilt I felt throughout the rest of my day. But I didn’t do that either.

And there was that darn migraine. The headache that I’ve had since high school-the type that makes it insanely difficult to think or do anything, but rest. Well I did what I normally do when I have a headache, I tried to ignore it until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Then, I rest. But after a nap didn’t cure it, I remembered something I learned in graduate school. In a mindfulness class, my professor said instead of resisting against a headache, what if we were to do the opposite? What if we were to completely feel the pain instead of avoid it.

Sounds crazy right?

But it worked. It reminded me that the suffering we feel is often caused from our automatic desire to resist, avoid or ignore pain. Sometimes feeling the pain is the only solution to getting through it.

It made me grateful for my headache and appreciative of the mini lesson I garnered from a seemingly ordinary day. Ever get moments like that? Embrace them and then see what happens.

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