You could be doing everything right: seeking therapy, taking medication, living a healthy life. But then someone or something triggers you and your world is thrown upside down. For me, it’s surrounding myself with people and situations from the past. I can conveniently “forget” who I am is not who I was. On many levels, this could be destructive.

It’s forgetting that I am an adult when I am with my family or that I am now allergic to seafood when I was not as a child. I know these seem like minor incidences, but put me in a situation like that for a continuous period of time and I begin to lose myself.

For you, it could be believing that you are suddenly immune to outside negative influences-that you can spend the entire summer season with a negative relative or friends who encouraged you to be unhealthy. Sometimes all the work we do on ourselves makes us feel super human. And we may be super courageous, strong and resilient, but we are human, no less.

So how do you maintain yourself and your health in the presence of the not-so healthy? Minimize time spent with these folks. Become aware of what triggers you and plan how you would handle those situations in advance. And above all, love yourself through it. There’s a good post on that this week. Just scroll down and read it below.

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