I call one of my relatives a “bad news bear.” Although he has good intentions, his spewing out the world’s greatest tragedies every few minutes does not help me. In fact, all that worrying and anxiety could hurt. After calling him out on it, he said his main intention was concern. I get that.

I think parents today are like him. They just want to protect their children from the onslaught of offenders who are posted up all over the news 24/7.

If you love someone, however, how do you best protect them?

I think there is a balance between caring and being overprotective. And everyone deals with this in their own way. Some loved ones may minimize your pain because they hurt seeing you upset. That’s why they say things like, “I’m sure you’ll feel better soon” or “Try to think more positively.” In a way, I think they are telling themselves that to lessen their own pain. I also think parents who are extra protective with their kids are only doing what they think is best.

Keep that in mind as you read our top 5 posts this week.

Practice compassion for yourself and compassion for others. Maybe then, and only then, we’ll eventually figure out a balance between caring for others and stifling them.

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Healing the Emptiness Inside You

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