Yesterday, I was stuck in traffic when I had to consciously take a deep breath and go to my happy place so I wouldn’t freak out at the scene in front of me. There were three or four cars spread out in an accident across four lanes. A tow truck was on the right and its driver was cautiously, but assertively attempting to stop cars from hitting him as he walked valiantly across the freeway to help a car get towed.

I was amazed by two things. First, that merely putting up his hand “sort of” stopped traffic. The second is that it didn’t stop cars completely. As I sat there, I saw cars wiggle next to me on my right almost hitting the truck driver in the process. I saw him make it to the shoulder lane, briskly carrying a crying little boy who had been in the car and helping his mother get over to the other side. All the while, cars kept going whizzing past. I couldn’t believe it.

Maybe he should have waited for a police officer. But still. All I kept thinking about was, “How important is it for these racing motorcycles and impatient cars to get to where they wanted to go?” Was it important enough to potentially hurt innocent people? Was it worth scaring the daylights out of a little kid, his family and all of us observing what was happening?

It was a big reminder to me about patience. It could be a reminder for you to not act, or react on impulse. Maybe you are frustrated with the progress of your mental health. Maybe you are judging yourself because you are not where you thought you would be when you made those goals in 2010.

For me, this was a wake up call. It reminded me that the destination can wait. As Laura Wright says in Quiet Mind Quiet Heart, “Caught in unrest we miss the sublime happiness that comes from experiencing things in this moment as they are.” Don’t sacrifice what you already have for what you think you want. I hope you’ll practice patience this weekend.

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