Any pet owner can attest to the power of their animal friend. As an owner of fish, guinea pigs, parakeets and a dog, I highly agree with that statement. The unconditional love of a pet has helped me heal heartbreak and sadness on more than one occasion.

My mom has, in a sentence I will never forget, thanked me with tears in her eyes for bringing our dog into her life. A dog she once told me to get rid of had broken her down and melted her heart, and brought back what pain, sadness and disappointment over one’s lifetime took away. She said our dog, now passed, opened her heart again.

Of all the pets I had, however, the pet that has surprised me the most has been my 5 year old black rabbit. A lot of people get boggled by rabbit love. Those who don’t own a rabbit laugh and joke about how tasty my little furry friend would be or they just don’t understand it. Not as affectionate as a dog and not as curious and playful as a cat right?

But what makes rabbits so healing is how fragile they are. Being the last on the totem pole of the animal kingdom causes them to be inherently scared and anxious. They don’t have razor sharp teeth like a carnivore and their only real defenses (besides their cuteness) are to make lots of babies, runaway and thump. They can be aggressive, but not nearly as aggressive as a dog.

They are these delicate nervous creatures and they are also gentle, playful and sweet. Watching a rabbit clean his face or yawn can bring out the best of a curmudgeon, I tell ya. Being in the presence of my rabbit has not only been healing, but it is probably the easiest way I can think of to shake me out of whatever funk I’m in. It definitely topped my list of everyday ways to boost my mood.

What’s yours?

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