Another holiday’s come and gone. Whether you celebrated Canada Day or Independence Day, you may be basking in the glory of a glorious holiday or exhausted from another family gathering of trying to keep your sanity in toll.

If I’ve learned anything over the years is that you could spend years working on yourself and then poof! just like that you’re back to where you started.

Maybe it’s your people-pleasing ways that return when you’re in the company of old friends who knew you way back when. Or certain relatives who trigger painful childhood memories when you are in their presence. Perhaps, the extra day of freedom could remind you just how toxic your work environment is and how much you are in need of a new job.

Whatever it is, I feel you.

The only thing we can do is keep trying again. Maybe with a different approach in mind.

I’ve been reading Marc Lesser’s Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less. In it, he says,”if the metal doesn’t bend, don’t hammer harder-apply more heat.” The idea is that metal can’t be shaped when it’s solid. But if we learn to soften our thoughts, beliefs and emotions we can change the way we perceive our fears and ultimately shift our lives.

So maybe we can’t change our relative’s, friend’s and co-worker’s minds. But we can change the way we think about them and our situation.

It’s kind of what our first blog on authenticity is all about. Hope you like it and enjoy this shorter week!

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