Sometimes when I’m in need of a little inspiration, I head out for a short walk. Today, as I meandered through the tree lined path of my apartment complex, I found it.

I kept ending up in the direction of a beautiful fountain. The sound of the water as it sprung up in the air like fireworks and then gently falling as it lapped softly against the rocks was soothing. I thought about what the water represented, that regardless of whether it was thrust up in the air or moved gracefully to the bottom, it was the same unchanged substance. I realized that no matter what you did to it, the water was still water flowing in a fountain.

The same could be said about you. You may have emotions that carry you from the highest mountain peaks to the valley lows, but you are at the core that unchangeable you. If you can find the peace and stability in what makes you you, then you can watch the burst of energy that fuels drama on one hand and boredom on the other as simply water taking its course. By detaching from the moment, you might even be able to experience that soothing middle ground, where nothing can touch you.

Try thinking about that this week. Try being the water. Regardless of what’s going on outside of you, come back to that serene center like water taking its natural course. Try it and see if it soothes, calms and centers you.

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