To tell you the truth, memories of my early school days are a mixed range of slightly traumatic to idiotic. In some ways, I had more drama in my life at age 8 than I did at age 28.

These are the tales I love to tell new friends and laugh with old ones about how crazy our public and private school experiences were. Besides batting away cockroaches in our filthy gum-filled desks, I was always crying from mean teachers who scolded us for putting hands in our pockets or not getting math. The teachers were so strict that one of my classmates peed in his pants because he took our teacher’s warning that, “no one can leave this room until you’re finished with your assignment” literally.

Did I mention this was private school?

Public school ended up being a lot better for me. I was grateful for the reduction in scoldings and the one day a week when we could partake in a non-academic activity. Cooking and candy making classes were my favorite.

But how great it would’ve been to have meditation classes too.

I mention this because one of our most popular blogs this week talks about the benefits of meditations in schools. It’s not a new idea by any means. In fact, a Twitter follower told us mandalas and guided imagery were taught throughout her elementary school in Germany where she grew up.

What about you?

Were your early school days more like hers or mine?

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