A friend once asked me how to handle her disobedient son. She was going through a divorce and her son was taking out his pain, confusion and anger about his parent’s relationship on her. She wanted to distance herself from him because he was being so hurtful. But I told her to reconsider.

My mom and I have an imperfectly perfect relationship. We’re close. But we rarely see eye to eye on anything. We’re as different as we are alike. I like to find good deals. She loves brand names. She chose a traditional 9 to 5 job. I went the opposite way and designed my own career. At the same time, we’re both sensitive and emotional, which is the perfect recipe for personal and sometimes heated debates.

But I have to say one thing. I grew up as a child of divorce too. And I told my friend that no matter what happened, no matter how much I misbehaved, my mom did something that I will never forget. She would always come into my room, sit on my bed and tell me how much she loved me. She loved me through my rebellious phase, when I was at my most unlovable and even when I disobeyed. And I think it’s her love that really got me through the tough times in life. I think for that reason I was lucky. That’s what I was thinking about this past Mother’s Day.

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