You know what amazes me? No matter how far we come in life, there is always a point where we suddenly forget.

Maybe it’s the relative who negated your recent accomplishment or the friend who brushed off your latest idea. It could be the classmate that surpassed you in school or the colleague who got one step ahead of you in your career.

Suddenly, everything you ever did is just not good enough.

How do you get back to that place of peace and gratitude? How do you return to the moment where you remember all of the trials and tribulations and trauma you have already overcame in the past? You get back to yourself. Whether it’s by yoga, meditation or walking, these posts will help inspire you to do just that.

Yoga and Meditation: The Benefits

(ADHD in Focus) – Are you mystified by yoga and meditation? Feel like it’s not as effective as other forms of exercises? This ADHDer felt that way too until she began doing both and discovered that they brought her love and peace.

Holistic Wealth

(Guideposts to Happiness) – Feel far from where you are now to where you want to be in the future? The key to happiness may be closer than you think. This will give you guidance to draw satisfaction and contentment by taking a holistic approach to your life.

Manage Stress by Making Room For Peace and Tranquility

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Experiencing the impact of busyness? This top post will help identify key symptoms to burnout and stress overload and provides helpful tips on how to cope with it.

Using Genetic Profiles to Predict Medication Response in Bipolar Disorder

(Bipolar Beat) – The increased popularity of biobanking may help researchers look at genetic associations to bipolar disorder. Want to learn more about this exciting new research? Read more here.

Ten Inconvenient Truths About Love

(Always Learning) – Blame it on fairy tales and romantic comedies, but there are a lot of things about love that we just didn’t get right. Here are 10. Feel free to be surprised here.