Today, I started thinking about who we were as infants and the impact of time and life on our well-being. It’s the layers of criticisms, lessons, memories (good and bad) that start weighing on us. Like a perfect stone weighed down with years of sediment or a beautiful painting undiscovered because it is covered in dust.

Maybe our purpose in life is to take a duster and remove all those layers (shame, insecurities, etc.) that appear to be us, but in reality are other people’s stuff. Maybe we are supposed to find exactly who we are by getting back to who we were before disappointments, fear and judgments impacted us. What do you think? I think it’s something worth pondering this week.

Speaking of which, here is another fine, round-up of best blogs to peruse-starting with a Happy Anniversary post to and for Mental Health Humor blogger Chato B. Stewart. Enjoy!

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