Photo Credit: .:AR:. (Flickr)

Photo Credit: .:AR:. (Flickr)

Happy Digital Detox Week! This week, I’m joining Adbusters in celebrating seven days away from technology — television, video games, and internet included.


What was that last one? Did I just say “internet”? Yeah, internet. That internet thing…that thing that I’m on right now.

Did I just out myself as a failure at my own little project?

It’s only the third day of my week-long experiment and already I’m a hypocrite — but with good reason. Computers and the internet have invaded my life to such a great extent that I can’t completely disconnect. Not even if I wanted to.

Here’s why: I work in an office. Every aspect of my day job, unfortunately, is performed in front of the big bright computer screen. Two of them, actually. And walking to the printer is my only true reprieve from staring at my monitor. Surely I’m not the only one, right?

If my job requires 8 hours of computer and internet work, it’s impossible for me to truly get away from the hum and temptation of electronics during business hours.

I suppose I could use my lunch break to disconnect. I could go outside, take a quick walk, rest my eyes, or grab a snack. But because I’ve successfully stayed away from the internet on both Monday and Tuesday night at home, I’m magnetically drawn to Facebook and Twitter during work breaks. And PsychCentral, of course, to write this very blog post as I nosh on my lunch.

I refuse to stray from my digital detox attempt at home, so I’ve been binging here at work. At 4:30 pm, however, I walk away from my computer and back into an analogue world.

And in that analogue world, will my stress level drop? Will this week undo any of the cumulative anxiety that’s built up in my body & brain? Will I get more sleep at night? At this point in the week, it’s too early to tell. While using technology is stressful, trying so fervently to avoid it is stressful as well.

I’m logging what this partially-disconnected life is like — with paper and pen, of course — each night.

And I’ll be back next week with the results. In digital format.