In a writing class recently, my teacher said, “Don’t rush the process.” It made me think of a falling feather.

I thought of the way a feather floats down gracefully, floating back and forth, slowly like a dance. There is no rushing a feather. Throwing it down forcefully will not make it get to the ground faster. And there would be something heartbreaking if we tried. We would be missing out out on its beautiful, unpredictable path.

It’s also a way to think about healing. It’s frustrating to not be there yet. It’s normal to want to be 100% over whatever it is that is ailing you. It’s normal to want to be successful without going through the challenges and obstacles it takes to get there.

But remember. No matter how much you want it, forcing it won’t get you there faster. Speeding up the process won’t take away what hurts. Only slow gradual progress like the up and down dance of a feather falling will.

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