Happy April Fool’s Day!

Will you be partaking in this prank-filled holiday? Let’s say not only are you not participating, but you are hiding from those who are. Maybe you should reconsider and embrace the practical joking for today. Think I’m crazy?

In a 2008 New York Times article called, “April Fool! The Purpose of Pranks,” reporter Benedict Carey wrote about the psychology behind pranks. Interestingly, he found that initiation rites and coming of age rituals were a way to introduce a person to a group. The anger and embarrassment from being pranked may evoke a sense of self-awareness and self-reflection. Why? Being vulnerable and getting fooled opens up a whole can of worms getting us to question what we did or didn’t do that caused us to fall for a joke. The article even went as far as saying that it could be a catalyst for change and self-improvement.

I’m not sure if that will be your fate this April Fool’s. But maybe being fooled isn’t such a bad thing after all.

There’s no foolery or practical joking with our top posts this week. Just 5 posts to improve your life and your relationships. You get all the benefits of practical jokes without the joking. Hope you like them.

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So Many Ways to Know Thyself

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Spare the Rod: Corporal Punishment and School Achievement

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Is Your Self-Esteem Threatening Your Relationship

(Healing Together for Couples) – Having healthy self-esteem is not just good for you, but for your loved one. Read how what you feel about yourself could be negatively impacting your relationship. It may be the wake up call you need to save your relationship and yourself.