As a dental hygienist, my mom not only cleans people’s teeth, but listens to do them as she does so every day. And like hair stylists and therapists, she often hears their problems too. One of the most valuable advice she has ever given me is to not judge what other people are going through. “You never know what you would do in that situation unless it happened to you.”

Our posts this week makes me think about what she said. You may have lived through difficulty, failure, loss of self-respect. You may, in fact, be going through this right now. If so, remember to find the people in your life who won’t judge you, but have compassion for your situation. That person may even be you.

I hope you will enjoy our top posts this week! There are some good ones everything from how to be successful to boosting your self-respect. See you again here on Friday. Have a great week!

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