It happened to me the other day. I was admiring a fellow writer’s accomplishment while someone else was admiring my own. The funny thing is that we were both shocked by the compliment. I guess I could dish it, but was surprised that I couldn’t take it. Why is it that we have such an easy time seeing the beauty, hard work and achievement in another, but neglect to see those same things in ourselves?

The impact over time of finding the silver lining in our partner’s, friend’s, co-worker’s lives, but focusing on only the shadows of our own lives can make us jealous, bitter, resentful and depressed. It can reinforce negative thoughts and beliefs about what is possible for us instead of motivating us to take risks, play big instead of small and follow our dreams. One of our post this week is all about focusing on our own path towards success. It’s a good one! And so is our other top posts of the week. Enjoy!

Transplanting Tall Poppy Syndrome: Overcoming Fear of Judgement

(The Therapist Within) – Is there something or someone holding you back from success? Maybe it’s fear. And maybe the person preventing you from your dreams is yourself. How will you know? Read this post. It’s filled with thought-provoking questions that may help you get back on the right track.

Developing Creativity: Both High Energy and Rest

(The Creative Mind) – It may seem that creative people have an abundant amount of energy to create. And they do. But they also make time for rest. Here’s an interesting look at the balance between creative energy and self-care.

Q&A on Eating Disorder Recovery & Relationships

(Weightless) – Having an eating disorder rarely just affects the person struggling with it. It impacts those around them too. In the first part of this interview, we see a young woman’s experience with an eating disorder and how it changed the relationship she has with her mother.

How to Increase Creativity in Your Organization

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Say goodbye to the old ways of corporate culture and hello to the new. Fostering a culture that allows for supportive relationships, transformational leadership, and clear processes and objectives for innovation are all steps to creating a successful organization. Want to build your own? Read this.

Michelle Williams Helps Single Moms Obtain Free Yoga Classes

(Celebrity Psychings) – How an actress turned personal tragedy into triumph for single mothers. An inspiring story on the healing powers of yoga and the power of one celebrity.