I have been reading a book called The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have by Mark Nepo. It is basically daily reflections on life written in a way that is so heartbreakingly honest and beautiful that it reads like poetry.

I am a bit behind on my daily reading so I am only on, “February 19: Instead of Breaking.” But the daily awakening was so moving that I thought I’d share a snippet with you here:

“Instead of breaking the bone of our stubbornness, we can nourish the marrow of our feeling unheard. Instead of breaking the bone of our fear, we can cleanse the blood of our feeling unsafe. Instead of counting the scars from being hurt in the world, we can find and re-kiss the very spot in our soul where we began to withhold our trust.”

Hope these words and our top posts this week leaves you feeling inspired and gives you a whole new way of looking at your life. Enjoy!

The Creative Personality: Both Extroverted and Introverted

(The Creative Mind) – I have been debating with myself on this topic for awhile. Maybe you are going through the same thing? I am an introverted person, but every once awhile a touch of extroverted personality comes out. After reading this, I thought, “Ah ha! Now I get it.” Read it and maybe you’ll understand yourself a little better too.

How to Overcome Negativity Bias

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Fear, anxiety and anger can boggle us down with negativity. And that’s not good for us long-term. Thank goodness Joe’s got some great tips on overcoming negative emotions in your life! Go on and breathe in that positivity.

A Mindful Response to Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Radiation

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – An unbelievable, heart-wrenching catastrophe. That’s what we see when we watch the news these days. But how do we feel? This post reminds us about the power of nature and technology to make us feel more connected and compassionate to one another.

A Lesson in True Beauty

(Weightless) – Ever read a story that changed the way you saw yourself? That’s what this post did for me. Read it and you will be reminded about what true beauty is.

Why Do People React Differently to Witnessing Catastrophe?

(Healing Together for Couples) – Just because you lose it every time you see coverage of the disaster in Japan and your partner seems unaffected, does not mean he cares any less. This intriguing post explains all the factors that impact the way a person reacts or does not react to an event.