My first year of grad school was one of the most relaxing years of my life. Sounds crazy right?

But the reason for my surprising sense of peace and tranquility, despite the stress of moving to a new city and all the papers and presentations that come with getting your masters, was due to one simple word. Meditation.

My first course in the semester was, “Stress Management 101.” My daily homework assignment consisted of an hour’s worth of meditation on my own time and than 3 hours of talking about and practicing mindfulness meditation in class at night. Basically, on top of sleeping better, I was spending a good part of my day focused on being relaxed.

Boy do I miss those times.

But then I wondered what the difference was between now and then? Why do I need a homework assignment to get me to meditate more? It’s a question I’ve been pondering since reading one of our top posts this week on the benefits of meditation. I guess I have no more excuses. After I write this up, I’m off to meditate. What will you work on this week?

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