Do you know how many times a day I quote an article I read on Psych Central? I don’t know the exact number, but it’s quite often.

I feel pretty lucky that I get to read so many articles on a daily basis. I read everything from the way people think to the latest research findings. Absorbing all that information not only makes me sound smart at parties, but I feel like I’m learning a lot professionally and personally as well.

Take this week’s basket of blogs, for example. Adventures in Positive Psychology’s Joe Wilner discusses the importance of finding “flow” in your career-something my work here at Psych Central has definitely given me.  And although I’m not a parent, Family Mental Health teaches us something about parenting that we could all learn to do more-ask for help when we need it.

Although you may not have the bandwidth to read every single blog and article every day like I do, I hope you’ll take the time to read our very best blogs of the week. You may just learn something about your career, your relation or yourself. Or maybe you could learn something that may help you sound current and interesting at the next shindig!

Identification of Emotion in Equine Therapy

(Equine Therapy) – If you ever wanted to understand how horses help people in equine therapy, read this. This is a beautiful and intriguing post that helps to identify how horses can identify our emotions.

The Risks and Harm of Pornography on Couple Relationships, Part 1: Its Misleading Nature

(Neuroscience & Relationships) – In this interesting post, Neuroscience & Relationships uncovers the truth behind pornography. You may be surprised what growing research has found.

Adventures in Online Dating: Part 2

(Light, Laughter & Life) – Follow along as LLL’s Leslie Hull divulges her secrets of online dating. Was her investment with successful? Read here to find out.

Do You Experience “Flow” in Your Career?

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Did you know that it’s possible to experience a sense of purpose, satisfaction and fulfillment in your job? It’s not only possible, but there are things your manager and other leaders can do to help you get there. Adventures in Positive Psychology shows us how.

Being a Strong Parent Means Getting Support

(Family Mental Health) – Alarming news forces Family Mental Health’s Erika Krull to learn an important lesson on asking for help. Read this and learn how it can help you get through a difficult situation.