There is a ton of things that can touch us in a week. In one day alone, I can easily get lost in every day activities and not only in what happens to us and around us, but what happens within us.

One of my greatest fears is that I will allow too much outside noise to silence the most important one. My own.

As I reflect on another week past, I recall the President’s State of the Union address, a conversation with a friend, a dream I had beckoning me in the morning, an episode of The View where Michael Jackson’s sister Rebbie Jackson talks about her daughter’s bipolar disorder diagnosis. It’s so much to digest that I can easily lose sight of the way I’m feeling right now. I can too easily forget what I’m doing, how I’m interacting with those around me and my goals for the day.

The wave of overwhelm is too close around the corner. Do you feel that way too?

What grounds me is using each activity as an opportunity to make it a mindful one. As I read each of our top posts below, I meditate on one word at a time and experience what each blogger is saying. I try to use them as mini-breaks from the chaos of our contemporary life. I hope you will find them engaging and relaxing to read too. In it, I hope you will uncover some wisdom, a few jewels and a change in perspective that you can hold onto and carry with you throughout the weekend. Be mindful. Breathe. And enjoy.

Want Better Relationships? Get Curious

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – When a friend’s upset or a child’s sad, it’s easy to want to jump in and solve their problems right away. But advice is rarely what our loved ones want or need. This post beckons us to do something different. Instead of thinking of the right thing to say, try bringing an attitude of curiosity toward your relationships.

New ADHD Diagnostic Test – the Quotient ADHD System®

(ADHD from A to Zoë) – Don’t you love the idea of a test that can tell you exactly if you or someone you love has ADHD? But before you find out where to sign up, read Zoë’s impressions of this new ADHD diagnostic test. Then decide.

Limitations of Mirroring

(360° of Mindful Living) – We all need and desire feedback from others. But this reflective post puts things in perspective about how accurate mirroring can really be.

The Limits of Will Power, Part Three

(An Epidemic of Addiction) – Can will power and memory of a painful past save you from addiction and a painful future? An Epidemic of Addiction’s Dr. Jeffrey Junig doesn’t think so and explains why he says fear is key.

Do Horses Really Mirror People in Equine Therapy?

(Equine Therapy) – How does equine facilitated psychotherapy or therapy done with horses work? Surprisingly, mirroring is not part of the healing process. Read this to find out what’s really behind equine therapy.