No matter who we are, where we live, how much money we have or what we do for a living, we all essentially want the same thing. We want to feel validated that our worries, feelings and emotions are justified. We want to be seen, heard and felt valued for who we are. We want to know that how we feel and what we think is normal. And most important, we want to be both loved and understood.

Knowing these things, can we change the way we perceive our relationships? Can we change the way we treat ourselves and others?

That’s a hope I have and a realistic resolution you could have for 2011. A simple change to gain a worthy result.

Recently, my great aunt was snappy on the phone with my dad, I took the chance and spoke to her, validating her concerns, calming her fears, and noticed an instant change her attitude. It got me thinking, the next time someone is curt with you, try doing something different than reacting back with that same degree of sass. You may inspire change in others around you. You may begin to spread compassion, not only in your heart, but in the heart of others.

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