Today is 1/11/11. Maybe for you, it will be a day filled with firsts.

The first time you sought therapy. The first step you took towards healing yourself. The first time you realized how far you’ve come and how much you have achieved towards your goals and your mental health.

If so, I hope you will celebrate these firsts and remember them when times get tough. Because ever year brings with it a new challenge, an obstacle we didn’t foresee and with it an opportunity for self-growth and a chance for a better more balanced life. When that opportunity comes, will you take it?

For me, I’ve finally come home. The holidays are over. And instead of being surrounded by the voices of my family members, I’m here sitting back at my home in silence.

This Christmas was as chaotic as ever, with a funeral being thrown into the mix of an already busy holiday. I’m grateful that I had the chance to be with loved ones and now I’m glad to be where I should be, sitting in silence so I can work on myself.

Now that the holidays are over and you too are recovering from too much food, family and fun, I hope you will read these top posts as a gift to yourself. In them, you may discover how to banish worries or realize how hard you have been working on your own mental health. Please take some time for yourself to read them and as always have a great week!

Depression and Malted-Milk Balls: Thinking It Through

(Depression on My Mind) – Some people may take for granted how easy or difficult it is to get through their daily lives. You, for example, may struggle with depression, anxiety or an eating disorder and not realize that your friends don’t have to work about the same. If so, you’ll definitely relate to, feel inspired by and feel the need to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work after reading this post.

9 Ways to Ward Off Your Worries

(World of Psychology) – So it’s 2011 and you’ve got more things to worry about than ever. Here are 9 tips to help to remedy that so that you can spend more time enjoying instead of worrying in 2011.

Learning the Art of Presence

(ADHD in Focus) – What’s one way you can start living a healthier, happier life in 2011? Learn the art of presence. Through her own personal experience, ADHD in Focus’s Kathryn Goetzke shows us what life was like for her when she wasn’t present and the gifts that being present brought to her own life.

Stages of Addiction

(An Epidemic of Addiction) – What does addiction look like? Dr. Jeffrey Junig provides a palpable description of the various stages of addiction. Do you see yourself or your loved ones in this post?

Confabulation and Creating

(The Creative Mind) – What does confabulation, anxiety and creativity have in common? The Creative Mind shows you how they are intertwined. Hint: The first two may help with creative ability.