Well here it is. Here we are. It’s 2011 and we made it through another holiday season and a whole other year.

How do you feel?

Was it everything you expected and hoped for? Did it exceed your expectations or underwhelm you?

Oftentimes high hopes and unrealistic expectations set us up for disappointment. We place our bets on the new year, putting our dreams and wishes to be thinner, happier, more successful all on the chance that something will change just because we want it to.

If we’re lucky, sometimes it does. But more often than not, a day is just another day whether it’s 2010 or 2011. With that being said, ordinary days provide extraordinary opportunities. We can choose to walk a different path, changing our usual responses and reactions to the same triggers. In the end, it’s not something magical that causes big transformations in our lives.

It’s us.

I hope you’ll remember that as the holidays become a distant memory as visions of Christmas trees, trimmings and excitement of a new year wanes.

Every moment can be as, or even more, wonderful than the holidays. It can be a new year every day. It just takes attitude, perspective and faith. Oh and a few posts like this week’s top 5 to help get you on track.

Happy New Year and have a great week!

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