It’s the day before Christmas and just a week until the end of the year. How are you holding up?

Are the festive melodies of Christmas music sounding like a broken record right about now? Is traffic getting to you? Are crowded shopping malls and pushy shoppers trying to get to the head of line pulling on your last strand of patience? Fed up with family obligations and obligatory gift giving?

Here is something to embrace.

Through the chaos, frustrations, grief and disappointments, there is and will always be peace.

It may not be delivered to you on a silver tray, shiny and easy, and beautifully wrapped like a present on Christmas morning. But the joy of everlasting peace regardless of circumstances is worth a whole lot more.

While you’re dashing away toward your next event, rushing to the future without a moment’s pause, take a few moments to find that peace.

Find it in the early hours of the morning, the quiet of the night, or even and sometimes most importantly when things are at its worst. Sit in the stillness of your mind and watch as the world rushes around you. It may takes just a few minutes, a handful of deep breaths, but that will be just enough to help you during those difficult overwhelming moments.

And for more solace?

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Merry Christmas!

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