As a child, I used to be so afraid of saying how I felt, that I would rather go cold than complain the air conditioner was too high.

As a young adult, I still struggled with being completely honest with how I felt. There were moments in the past when annoyances would get stuffed down so deep that they would surprise me some time down the line when I was hit with its volcano of emotion.

But recently, and in this holiday especially, I’m learning about the importance of being true to myself. That saying what I need is a virtue instead of a character flaw. And that being honest about who I am and what I believe will not be a hindrance to those I love or make those who don’t know me dislike me.

It’s amazing what the holiday season can bring out.

Maybe it’s all this ample time with family, the stress and pressure of gift giving or the worries and hopes for the new year. But something about the ending of one year and the beginning of another makes me brave, hopeful and reflective about who I was and who I still want to become.

I hope that you too will find some solace in the midst of the craziness of the holiday season. That you will have the support you need and a safe space to be honest about how you truly feel. And if you feel overwhelmed and stress right now, here are few posts to help you de-stress and ease into the new year.

Have a great week and a happy holiday season!

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