As I’m writing this, I’m in shock. I was busy checking things off of my things to do list when appointments and planning for the upcoming holidays completely threw me off my schedule.

That’s why this is late. Yikes! I let the ball drop. And I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

It is a great lesson for me. Recently, an illness has made it difficult for me to keep up. While I’m usually on top of things, once an A student, someone who despises procrastination and has a strong passion for getting everything done, I realized that I just can’t do it all anymore.

But maybe that’s a good thing.

It’s teaching me about the importance of making mistakes, being imperfect and accepting where I am now instead of comparing where I was in the past.

I might not be able to do as much, but maybe I can find solace in doing less.

Next week is Christmas. And for some of you that may mean rushing around to buy last minute gifts, attending holiday parties and struggling to get it all done.

I hope that you will read this and let just one ball drop. Maybe you too will learn that letting things go, doing one thing less, being just a little bit imperfect, won’t make the world stop.

In fact, maybe you will realize accepting yourself is more important than anything else on your to do list.

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