Not to worry you, but did you know it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas? Ack!

If I freaked you out, I apologize. I nearly gave myself a panic attack when I realized it myself.

But then, I thought about something. As you’re racing through the stores to find the “perfect” gift for your children or thumbing through cookbooks for the “perfect” Christmas dinner, think back to your Christmases in the past.

When I recalled my holidays as a child, I don’t remember what we ate for dinner or what toys I got. Somehow the holidays are wrapped up in a pretty bow of imperfection, of days that I fought and made up with a parent, or the quiet time spent with a spouse. I was surprised that not even the image of a Christmas tree made it into my top holiday memories. Only the moments spent with others, even my pet dog, made it to my list.

In the end, it’s the feeling you get that counts.

I hope that you’ll remember that in these next few hectic weeks and find peace and relief in knowing that you don’t have to aspire to perfection to have a perfectly imperfect holiday.

And enjoy our fabulous five posts this week!

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