I caught the movie Love and Other Drugs over the weekend. Did you see it? I have to say it surprised me by it’s uncharacteristically non-romantic romantic comedy. Although it was funny and about love, it broached the topic in such a poignant and refreshing way, I was taken aback.

There was something Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Jamie said towards the end of the movie that really stuck with me. He said that in a parallel universe the two of them would be healthy and perfect and would worry about superficial things like feeling guilty about hiring someone to clean their house. (Not to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the movie, but it is mentioned in the movie’s description that one of them is ill.) Yet, he said he would rather be the couple they were now.

As I get through my own mix bag of sickness, I am reminded of what it means to be healthy, the importance we place on insignificant worries and how being sick is a constant reminder of what’s really important-the people we love and our lives. I hope that if you’re feeling under the weather as well, you’ll take some time to rest, relax and reflect on everything good in your life. Oh and don’t forget to read this week’s mix bag of best blogs to lift you up. Keep warm, safe and healthy during this winter season and enjoy!

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