Every moment, we have an opportunity for self-growth. In fact, I was having one of those just yesterday.

It was about five in the evening and I was stuck in traffic. As cars attempted to race past me, getting just a mere two cars ahead, I started to think about the frustration and impatience we all seemed to be feeling in the moment.

Would I choose to give into the overwhelming negativity all around me? Or would I drown out the sounds of car engines and frustration with the radio and the TV I could see in the van directly in front of me?

I decided to use this unpleasant situation for my benefit by fully being in the moment. I saw the dark clouds looming overhead, the lights from cars shining through it and the feeling of impatience that was slowly taking over me.

It was an hour of sitting and I had nothing to do, but just breathe.

I can’t say that I was “cured” of my negativity. But there were moments in between frustration and impatience that were filled with peace.

And I realized. Isn’t that all we can hope for?

As we get closer to the holiday season, I hope you can also find your own moments (no matter how small) of peace. In the meantime, enjoy our top posts of the week!

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