Do you remember the first time you began thinking about yourself as your own person, separate from mom and dad?

I think for me it began when I was a child and saw that I could choose what I wanted to wear for school, what I wanted to eat and what I liked to do. But not only that. My tastes, sense of style and opinions were different too.

Yet, this sense of, “Who am I?” definitely did not stop as a child. It grew in my twenties and continues to grow for me as an adult.

The more I am able to step out of my family’s shoes and develop my own sense of me, the further along the path I walk toward authenticity and self-identity. It’s a road less traveled especially if you come from a family-centered culture like mine.

If you are an artist, writer or any creative person, then you may understand what this feels like. You have a strong desire to create, yet you are equally drawn to censor yourself for fear of saying too much and the fear of then being judged by your family and society as a whole. If you feel this way, you’ll relate to one of this week’s top posts as well as our posts on getting along with those we love and a mind boggling post on our global identity. It’s another round of exciting stuff this week. Check it out!

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