There’s something so soothing about a pet. (You pet owners know what I mean.)

Maybe it’s their soft, furry coat or their comfort with being themselves that can be so settling. But I think it’s the feeling that no matter who you are, how much money you have or what you look like, they’ll love you unconditionally.

It’s something I felt with my first dog who passed away earlier this year. And how I feel about my current love, a 5 year old mini lop rabbit.

The world can be as chaotic as it can be. I could have papers piling up on my desk and emails crowding my inbox. But when I see him cleaning his floppy ears, those things don’t seem to matter. For a moment, I’m at peace.

Why am I bringing up my furry friends?

Aside from the fact that I adore talking about them, there’s also a point to this brief ode to my pets post. Pets have a positive effect on our mental health. Two of our top posts this week is all about that and more. Read them and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, I hope you all had a wonderful Veterans Day and have a great weekend!

Mental Health Service Dogs

(Mental Health Humor) – You’ve probably heard of service dogs. But how about mental health service dogs? Chato B. Stewart’s validating the power of pets with this post delivered always with a side of humor to boot.

The Power of Pets in the Recovery From Trauma

(Healing Together for Couples) – Pets have long had a history of rescuing their human companions from disaster. But did you know they can also help us recover from trauma? Read these true stories of how pets helped heal, recover and reconnect them with their sense of self.

If Depression Isn’t in Your Genes, Then Where the Heck Is It?

(Managing Depression Skillfully) – Recent research shows that there is no “depression gene.” So why do people continue to blame their genes for their depression? Here’s why this blogger believes it’s destructive to do so and why he believes depression is caused by both psychological and social factors.

Psychological Self-Maintenance

(360 of Mindful Living) – What’s the one thing that separates us from our pets? The ability to ask, “Who am I?” Read why it’s imperative to do so. It’s a regimen, this blogger says, that should be a part of our psychological hygiene.

ADHD Self-Coaching: Progress Report

(ADHD from A to Zoë) – In August, Zoë pledged to “…completely commit myself to writing as honestly and genuinely as possible…” about her self-coaching journey. How’d she do? Guess you’ll have to read here to find out.