I’ve had quite a bit of visitors in the month of October. And while it was fun and I was grateful for their company, it was exhausting. It reminded me of the upcoming holiday season. Giving me a preview of what’s to come in the next few months.

The good thing is that I learned something during the parade of October visitors that may help you get through the season with friends and family peacefully.

Conflict often occurs because of misunderstanding and miscommunication. You may, for example, have gone to therapy and learned ways to take care of yourself. But your family hasn’t done the same. Returning to the home you grew up in and the life you used to live sometimes means that those who knew you before, may not know how to interact with you now.

Here’s where my tip comes in. If you can find a way to meet your family and friends where they are, you might be able to celebrate the holidays amicably. This means not expecting them to have changed or see the world through your new lenses. This may also mean limiting your interaction with them or realizing that you can’t win an argument so you don’t even try.

There are other things you can do to prepare yourself like learn how to control your anger or focus on finding beauty in your life and in those around you (topics of this week’s top posts). I hope these tips and posts will help you have a peaceful holiday and week! Enjoy.

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