You know what I’ve been thinking about lately? The ghosts of Halloween’s past. The heat from a plastic Strawberry Shortcake mask, the discomfort of being herded with groups of children, the shame of begging for sweets and the sickening feeling from eating too much candy.

Funny how recalling those memories actually make me happy.

Watching mom dig through my winnings, tasting what seemed like every single one, made me feel comforted. And even though walking around in a costume felt silly and uncomfortable, there was something exciting about dressing up and being anonymous for one night.

When did Halloween get so complicated?

Yep, there are rules now about age limitations for Halloween and questions about what kids should and should not wear. But at least for me, I’d love to return to what seemed like a simpler holiday.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, hope you have a great weekend and enjoy these 5 sweet bloggy treats on us!

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