Try as I might, I could not think of a time when a childhood argument ended a friendship. Can you?

I remember squabbles over crayon colors and anger over sharing toys, but that’s it. There’s no recollection of arguments going longer than a day. In fact, what is embedded in my memory is a lot of moments when a heated fight one day was immediately forgotten the next.

Why then, as adults, do we hold grudges and find it so hard to forgive?

Is it that life suddenly gets more complicated? Is it because knowing more about life makes it harder to forgive transgressions? Or are the wounds deeper and the hurts greater?

Whatever the answer, one thing’s for sure, forgiveness heals our own hearts more than anything else. So if you’re in the process of trying to forgive someone, you’ll love one of our top posts this week. We’ve also got posts on dealing with stress and depression. It’s five posts that will help you heal old wounds, deal with stress, get tools on coping with depression and more. Enjoy!

Refusing to Forgive: 9 Steps to Break Free

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – It may be difficult to imagine forgiving someone who has hurt you. But consider this. Studies have shown that forgiveness is not about condoning bad behavior, but doing something wonderful for yourself and your well-being. These nine steps could help you break free from the anger you harbor for someone you can’t forgive.

Are You Stressed Out America?

(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – One thing’s for sure. Americans are stressed and we’re only getting more stressed. Read this and see if you recognize yourself or someone you love in this top post.

TV and Computer Time Too Much for Kids

(Family Mental Health) – A new study on the negative effects of television and computers on kids are concerning, but not surprising. There is an interesting tidbit about that study, however. Read this to find out what it is.

Creative Potential: Holding Back or Hypomania?

(The Creative Mind) – The Creative Mind takes a look at hypomania. Is it a good thing for creatives or does it hold them back? A journey via several creative people with it shows the good, bad and ugly about hypomania.

ADHD, Suicide, and Parenting; Giving Your Kids Tools for Coping with Depression and Suicide

(ADHD in Focus) – Combat depression and suicide in ADHDers with these helpful tools and resources both for parents and kids with ADHD.