Do you smell it? That’s change in the air. There may have been slight shifts and evidence lurking for some time now, but now here it is.

If you resist change, life feels so much harder. Like walking uphill or swimming against the current, for example. But accepting something unfamiliar can be so anxiety provoking that we’d rather look the other way.

Instead, you may forget about that looming bill and stuff it in a drawer. Or your dog’s illness may be so overwhelming that the thought of his death is too much to handle. A few months later the bills are piling up and your best pet pal dies.

How do you deal with the change?

These are difficult times. Yet, there is hope. The light at the end of the tunnel is nearby and there are resources that can get you through it. Here’s five posts that will provide you with guidelines on grieving, help you explore your relationship with money and get you on a healthy road to recovery. Hope it helps you get through whatever you’re dealing with right now.

When Pets Die-Human Hearts Break

(Healing Together for Couples) – Compassion. That’s what we need to remember when anyone dies, including pets. Here are some guidelines for coping, grieving and healing from the loss of a pet.

The Antidote to Self-Hatred

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Sometimes a change in perspective can significantly alter your life. Learn how to do so and heal yourself in the process through the wise words of Dalai Lama.

Managing Needs Versus Demands in Mentoring

(Mentoring & Recovery) – What is one way you get through the difficulties of recovery? By assessing your needs versus demand. Here’s an informative post that will help mentors support mentees and get them to their goals.

Money Matters: Exploring Your Relationship With Money

(The Therapist Within) – Many people don’t think about their relationship with money. Yet when they do, they are surprised by how complex it is. Use this post to begin asking yourself questions and start exploring what money means to you. You may end up learning not just your relationship with money, but your relationship to the world.

Building a Healthy Body Image: Part 2 with Ashley from Nourishing the Soul

(Weightless) – If you enjoyed part 1 of Weightless’s interview with this Nourishing the Soul blogger, then you’ll be equally happy, enlightened and informed with this one. Ashley talks about her favorite tips on improving body image as well as what having a healthy body image means to her.