I am an only child. Growing up, I didn’t have siblings, but friends and family to play with. And when it came time to the hard parts of my young life, I found comfort in books. Books can provide a space for fun, escape, and information. And I soaked them all in.

They also worked as mentors, heroes and teachers to me. No matter what was going on in life, I could always count on the excitement, fantasy and often hope in the tattered pages of my favorite book.

That’s why this week’s posts are so meaningful to me. We’ve got posts on healing through books and one on how narcissism and the ¬†ego can negatively effect creative people. If you’re a book lover or a creative person, you’ll love these posts.

We’ve also got posts on body image, the importance of accepting the unknown and a controversial mockumentary in the mix this week. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Bibliotherapy: Book Yourself In

(The Therapist Within) – If your life has ever been changed by a book, then you might already understand the concept of bibliotherapy-healing through books and reading. This post invites you to become the book and then explore where that takes you.

Ego and Creativity

(The Creative Mind) – Are creative people also ego maniacs? This post shows us both sides of the coin (some who are and others who are not) and addresses the issue of how a big ego can negatively interfere with creative expression.

How Clarity is Found in the Most Unexpected Places

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – When we don’t know something, we try in desperation to search for the answers. The unknown is filled with uncontrollable outcomes that feels scary. So accepting the unknown seems contradictory to finding answers, yet this post says doing so invites clarity into your life. Want to know how? Read here.

Body Image Booster: Remember the Positive Days

(Weightless) – There was a time when you weren’t so concerned about your body. Do you remember? Weightless says remembering is key to rediscovering the “young you” you once loved and treasured.

Joaquin Phoenix Mockumentary: The Disintegration Of Celebrity

(Celebrity Psychings) – Have you seen I’m Still Here the documentary that turned out to be a mockumentary? This blogger’s posting what others are saying about the news and invites you to chime in here.