We’re pleased to announce Week 1’s winner in the Psych Central ‘Going Mental’ Kindle Sweepstakes — Katarina Gasevski! Congratulations Katarina!!

You can enter the sweepstakes now by signing up for our free weekly mental health newsletter. We’re ‘going mental’ by giving away 5 new Amazon.com Kindle Readers — one a week — to new subscribers of our weekly Psych Central newsletter.

These are the high-end Kindle readers — the ones with 3G built-in. That means you don’t have to have an Internet connection to even use them. And don’t think you have to buy books to use these things — hundreds of free books are available in the Kindle store, and hundreds of RSS feeds can also be added for minimal monthly fees.

You may have noticed we’re a week behind picking winners for the Sweepstakes. This is because we’re emailing people and notifying them they are a winner, but need to (a) hear back from them within a specific period of time and (b) verify a U.S.-based address. We’re getting a fair amount of people who don’t respond to the email — perhaps because of their spam filters? — so we move on to picking another email address from the hat. This process takes a little time, so we’re still a little behind in finding our winner from Week 3, but will post a notice once we know who it is.

This may be a good opportunity to suggest that if you’re waiting for such an email, it may be beneficial to check your spam folder once a day — just in case. We have no control over such spam filters, unfortunately.

Amazon KindleIf you’re already a subscriber to the Psych Central newsletter, I’m sorry, but this particular Sweepstakes is not for you (we’re planning to hold a special members-only contest later this year). This is only for folks who are not currently a subscriber to our popular Psych Central newsletter.

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