It’s October and Mental Health Awareness Week! How are you celebrating?

Yep, there’s no denying it’s fall. I went to the park this weekend and the crispy air and falling leaves were signs that this is indeed the end of the ease of summer and the beginning of a new season.

Every ending has a new beginning and like New Year’s it is another opportunity for self-growth and change. It beckons us to ask the question, “Will I embrace the coming season or mourn the lost of the one before?”

If you are courageous, brave and on a mission for change, then you’ll be tickled with this week’s top posts.


Do you remember the scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary where Bridget’s enemy Mark Darcy suddenly turns into the love of her life overnight with these precious words, “I like you very much. Just as you are.”? Well one of our top posts this week discusses the true secret to change-accepting ourselves, smelly, crazy, imperfect and all. Another talks about the importance of following through on things that are important to us today instead of putting it off for tomorrow.

In other words, there’s enough good stuff here to get you ready for change this fall season so if you’re ready for it, jump right in and enjoy!

Rediscover You: Therapy and the Paradoxical Theory of Change

(The Therapist Within) – A good friend of mine once asked me how to know the difference between changing yourself for the better and accepting who you are, flaws included. It was a good question. It’s one I wish I could have articulated as well as this blogger did in this post on acceptance and change.

Looking Outside for Answers? Confucius and Rumi Share Their Wisdom

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – When it comes to making a decision do you search online or in books? Do you ask others for advice? Or do you turn within for the answers? According to this post and quotes from Confucius and Rumi, the best thing you can do is learn how to bask in the knowledge of your own wisdom.

Body Image & Weight Loss: What Are You Waiting For?

(Weightless) – There’s a secret about weight-loss that those diet commercials don’t want you to know. As Margarita will tell you, it will not make your life easier, your relationships better or make you love your life and your body more. It’s not a cure all for deeper issues. Instead of waiting to lose weight, why not read this and learn to be happier and healthier right now?

Mental Illness Awareness Week: Are YOU Fruity?

(Mental Health Humor) – It’s so important to inject a bit of humor in our every day. Chato Stewart does it again with this humorous, yet informative post on an important celebration-Mental Illness Awareness Week.

On the Road – For Mental Health Awareness Week…

(Coming Out Crazy) – How is Coming Out Crazy’s Sandy Naiman celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week? By going on the road for a great cause. Read about what she’s up to, where’s she’s speaking and how she’s helping to inspire others through her various talks on topics like the difference between mental and physical illness and mental illness in the workplace.