Can it be? Is it really the end of September? According to our Twitter followers, I might not be the only one feeling the swiftness of September.

It’s funny how no matter how hard we try to pay attention to every moment, the days and moments still fly by. And here we are again, another month is gone. Soon it will be winter and then 2011!

The good news is that the rapidity of time makes it all the more valuable and a worthy cause to find the goodness in all situations. Like how Mindfulness & Psychotherapy is showing us how to do it this week and kind of like how Mentoring & Recovery is teaching us how to be more of a inner coach rather than an inner critic.

It’s all of these things that show us how to live life more meaningfully that helps the moments go by just a little slower. Slow enough so we can savor them.

With that, I hope you enjoy this week’s post. Have a great weekend and a Happy October!

What Takes Away Your Goodness?

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Was that trip as bad as it seemed? Or that bad day you had last week? Was it really that bad? Mindfulness & Psychotherapy asks us to think about what’s affecting our perceptions. Is it, for example, what we’re feeding our minds (media, news, etc.) that’s really affecting our goodness in life? Read this and make up your own mind.

It Gets Better Project

(Channel N) – A hard look at the realities of being gay in the eyes of renowned columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry. It also offers hope for LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited, queer, intersex) youth. Dan and Terry started the It Gets Better Project suicide prevention program and this is the first in a series of videos on youtube.

Strengthening the Voice of the Inner Mentor

(Mentoring & Recovery) – How many times in a day do you think you say something mean to yourself? Well, instead of doing that Shannon’s teaching you how to turn that critic off and turn on your own inner coach. Powerful stuff!

Prevent the Mindless Munchies

(Dialectical Behavior Therapy) – Have you ever ate something so quickly and mindlessly that you were shocked when it was gone? This post provides great tips on how to tune into your experience and eat more mindfully.

Kabbalistic Meditation: Magic, Religion, or Healthy Boundaries?

(Therapy Soup) – Always been curious about Kabbalah? And have you ever wondered how religious Kabbalistic meditation is? Therapy soup’s got all the answers here including its benefit to psychotherapy. Intrigued? I was too.