The creative process is a mysterious one. I sit down at my computer twice a week not knowing how I will do it and what will come out when I type. Yet, if I come to my desk present, open-minded and trusting, somehow my fingers do the work for me.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have days when the writing doesn’t flow and that I don’t feel stuck. On those days, I notice it’s one or all of the three f’s: fatigue, fear or feeling frazzled that pushes me over the edge. Then, it feels like I’m trying to run in water or force a piece into a puzzle that just doesn’t fit.

I tend to think of those times as moments when self-care is vital. I might be feeling anxious, overworked or my own negative thoughts could be sabotaging my efforts. Yet, when we’re in most need of it, why do we neglect caring for ourselves?

Well, this week of top posts are all about getting the help you need whether its dealing with self-sabotaging beliefs about our abilities, dealing with postpartum depression or our negative body image. It’s important to recognize when we need help and to find the resources necessary to get us through those difficult days.

As always, I hope you enjoy these posts, learn something new, find the help you need and lastly have a great weekend!

Postpartum Depression – How to Get Help Now

(Family Mental Health) – Do you wonder if you or someone you know might be suffering from postpartum depression? In this informative post, we have the questions to ask and the resources you need to help you get through it.

Undercutting Our Creativity With Self-Sabotaging Limits

(The Creative Mind) – It is all to easy to fall prey to our negative thoughts. In this popular post, The Creative Mind explores how this self-sabotages not just our creative self, but our potential as human beings. Sprinkled throughout are quotes, tips and advice from famous creatives who have been through this difficult journey.

Yoga & Body Image: Insight from a Yoga Expert

(Weightless) – You might have overlooked yoga because it looks too hard or don’t know much about it. But this post may make you reconsider. Why? Because yoga’s much more than physical exercise. There is tremendous benefits like reducing anxiety, tension and helping us to feel connected. Read about the benefits, techniques and recommendations here.

Back to School: The Cursive Controversy

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – This may not spark any anxiety or stir up any real controversy, but it will make you think. Do you agree with a few schools who no longer require teachers to teach cursive writing? Should cursive be eliminated as we go forward to a more technological, digital society? You can weigh in here.

Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Depression

(Bipolar Beat) – A new study focuses on a specific type of neurotransmitter-glutamate-that is different from any transmitters current medications target. Interested? Bipolar Beat’s Candida Fink was. Follow her as she explores the study in further detail.