I was touched by a Facebook fan’s message today. Mostly because a seemingly benign update affected her in such a way that it in turn had an impact on me. It made me appreciate all the different stages of life that we’re in. Some of you are going through heartbreak while others are celebrating personal victories. I hope that we can all meet somewhere in the middle and provide support, empathy and compassion for one another no matter what stage we’re in.

I don’t know about you, but it’s a reminder to not just be compassionate to others, but to myself. When push comes to shove, we often neglect the most important person-ourselves. We forget how much we’ve gone through and how far we’ve come. Grieving over our loved ones, dealing with a broken heart, forgiving ourselves and our partners for not being exactly where we want to be. These are all things that we need to learn how to do and I hope this week’s post will help you get there.

Speaking of which, this week it’s all about getting a more positive body image and how to appreciate life. Yes, it’s a mishmash as always, but its also always written with you in mind. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy!

Neverready: When to Stop Planning or Procrastinating and Start Doing

(The Therapist Within) – You’ve read, researched, planned and prepared. What’s next? The doing part. But what if you feel like you’re in a permanent state of preparation and never feel ready to start doing? Go to this post. At least you can say you started doing something.

Uplifting Words on Body Image from Operation Beautiful

(Weightless) – Need a dose of encouragement for your week? Read Weightless’s pick of uplifting quotes on body image. It’s fuel for the tired and weary.

New Marriage Study: Race, Ethnicity, Religion and Prayer

(Therapy Soup) – The couple who ___ together, stays together. Would you believe that the word you’re looking for is prays? Yep, it seems that religion’s got lots to do with marital success. So starting praying!

Lessons from Life’s Final Moments

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Talking about death and dying is kind of like talking about money and sex. It makes people squirmy and uncomfortable. Yet, viewing our lives in the perspective of its impermanence is important. In fact, it can be gift. Find out how here.

Extreme Hazards

(Guideposts to Happiness) – What happens when you stop taking your meds? Read one man’s experience on the roller coaster ride that followed. And how he’s learning to learn how to adopt a more balanced perspective.