I’m an avid reader who’s been alternating between five to ten very different books lately. Why so many? Well it’s still summer and I’m soaking every bit of it while I can. One that’s been taking much of my attention is The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D. While the title isn’t very sexy, the read is very illuminating.


It talks about the comprehensive (what I’ll call) diet plan for someone suffering from anxiety and phobia. One of the topics it covers is negative self-talk. The kind that often exacerbates anxiety and is also described as one of five mind traps in this week’s top post. It also talks about the importance of exercise, meditation and even nutrition. All things that can help ease your anxiety so that you can make better decisions (another top post) and be creative in not knowing what comes next (also listed below).

This book got me pondering the way in which we focus all our energies on diets to lose weight. But rarely do we think about a lifestyle change devoted to self-improvement or on living a emotionally healthy, less anxious life. How about you? Are you guilty of spending too much time and energy on superficial things instead of focusing on what matters most? Here’s hoping this week’s top five will get you to rethink your life, the way you make decisions, how you view your body, perceive the unknowns in your life and accept yourself and whatever journey you might be on right at this moment.

Not Knowing-More Creativity

(The Creative Mind) – Although some left-brainers may argue with you, thinking isn’t everything. In fact, think too much and you may squelch your creativity. It may seem counterintuitive to not think when you’ve got a problem on hand, but this post will demonstrate how trusting your instincts can be far more critical to the creative process.

Finding Your Direction: How to Know Which Path to Choose

(The Therapist Within) – Are you at a fork in your life and not sure which path to choose? This top post is all about the journey, not the destination. It’ll get you thinking about how you’ve made decisions in the past and how this will help you make better decisions in the future.

Your Destructive Mind Habits in 5 Short Chapters

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Ever blame others for your misfortune? In general, do you believe people dislike you? Do you automatically believe the worst that can happen in any situation? Sounds like you’re suffering from a destructive mind trap. Read this and see if you can recognize yourself in them.

Improving Your Body Image by Being Thankful

(Weightless) – It’s funny to think that you can change your life by changing your perspective. But you can. This week Weightless looks at how focusing on what we have and feeling grateful for it can reshape the way we perceive our lives and our bodies.

Mentoring as a Structure and Theme for Life

(Mentoring & Recovery) – When life gets hard, what do you do? Consider talking to a mentor? Here are the benefits and unexpected gifts a mentor can bring to help you get through the difficult times in recovery and in life.