I remember being in my early twenties sitting in my beat-up Nissan right in the peak of traffic hour. I had no air conditioning. The music was not on. I think the only people who owned cell phones back then were doctors and dentists. It was so hot that my palms were sweaty and slippery against the hot steering wheel. The unforgiving heat from the cars all around me felt suffocating. This was an ordinary day and I was just on my way home from work. I would not have remembered it other than the fact that I had an extraordinary experience sitting there being very ordinary.

Suddenly, I just felt plain loved. I felt grateful for being me, for every hardship I had ever endured, for every fear I had, for every imperfection that made me unique. In the midst of all that traffic while people were honking and rushing home from work, I was sitting there smiling like an idiot. I had never felt so appreciative of that moment.

This week’s top posts like Weightless’s blog on body image and Mindfulness & Psychotherapy’s post on the now, remind me of the importance of being open. It puts me back to that place where I didn’t need to accomplish great things to deserve great love or be perfect to feel worthy. We really must thank our awesome bloggers every week for not just educating and informing us, but for inspiring us to live better lives. Thanks guys!

Body Image & Self-Acceptance: 28 Lessons I’ve Learned in My 28 Years

(Weightless) – It was Weightless blogger Margarita Tartakovsky’s twenty-eighth birthday last week. How did she celebrate it? By sharing the 28 life-changing and inspiring lessons she’s learned about body image and self-acceptance. It’s a true gift to us really.

The Now Effect: How this Moment Can Change the Rest of Your Life

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – It’s quite amazing to think that in every moment you have several choices to change your life. You can do what you always do and react or become present and free yourself from the limitations of your own mind. It’s pretty powerful stuff. You’ll want to go here to start changing your life right now.

Name That Phobia: Fear Of Balloons = Globophobia

(Mental Health Humor) – Globophobia. Have you heard of it? You probably know it if you have the commonly uncommon fear of a balloons. Mental Health Humor blogger Chato Stewart candidly discusses his own globophobia and does it in that humorous way we love.

Adult Parent-Child Relationships Around The World

(Family Mental Health) – How well do you get along with your adult children? Want to see how you stack up against families around the world? This is an interesting look at how other countries perceive their relationships with their adult children. Hmmm…Maybe after reading this you’ll think your relationships are not so bad after all.

‘Inception’ and Dangerous Ideas in Relationships

(Healing Together for Couples) – You don’t need to watch the movie Inception to gain tons of insight from this post. And it won’t give away the ending either. What it does is look at all of the destructive preconceived ideas we have about our partners and how it can potentially work to destroy our relationship. Read this and learn the tools you’ll need to work together instead of against one another.