Introducing Mentoring and RecoveryI’m pleased to welcome our latest blog, Mentoring and Recovery with Shannon Cutts.

Mentoring and Recovery is a blog about learning from others in the recovery process. Mentoring is just another word for learning through individual, one-on-one teaching. Mentors can be our guides in this world, as we take on the role of apprentice or student. Others have much to teach us, but not in a formal way — in an informal way, of learning through questioning and example. A mentor is usually so much more than just a teacher — they offer us the well-worn wisdom of their own experience coupled with their education.

Perhaps Shannon’s own words for the intent of her blog say it best…

Even when we don’t realize we are being mentored, we are always watching, always learning from, always being influenced by others. The goal of this blog is to help us all learn how to:

  • do a better job of supporting ourselves and each other
  • identify mentors who can guide us along the path
  • learn how to use the presence of a mentor to achieve our recovery, mental health, and life goals
  • explore how we can give back by becoming a mentor ourselves, and
  • apply the teachings of some of the world’s greatest mentors to our own daily unfolding lives

I think that’s a great description of her blog. I’m looking forward to reading her entries and learning something new myself. I believe the entire world has something to teach us, if only we are receptive to listen to the messenger.

Shannon Cutts is the author of Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back. Currently Shannon serves as Executive Director for MentorCONNECT: Where Relationships Replace Eating Disorders. MentorCONNECT is the first global eating disorders mentoring community. You can learn more about Shannon here.

Check out the new blog’s first entry, Mentoring, Recovery and You, and please give Shannon a warm Psych Central welcome!