This weekend I got in touch with a different side of my personality: the nature loving one. It’s the part of me that often gets buried underneath daily worries, fears and your garden variety neuroticism. While tending to issues are important, so is taking a break from them. Based on the outpouring of responses I got concerning outdoor activities on Facebook, it seems like I might not be the only one. Isn’t it nice basking in the ray of hope and possibility instead of fear and uncertainty every once in awhile?

That’s what I spent my time doing in a rustic cottage in the country. I stared out the French doors of the tiny cottage for several minutes without fear of boredom or anxiety from doing nothing. I heard and felt comforted by the subtle soundtrack created by the sounds of chickens and horses nearby. The cold floor underneath my feet and the slight creaking my footsteps made on it were music to my ears. I reveled in the experience and after a few days of succumbing to every wish and request my body and mind had for rest and relaxation, I left feeling refreshed and re-energized to start anew again.

I hope that wherever you are on your own personal journeys, you can step away from your worries long enough to feel the serenity that exists outside your door and inside yourself. Why not start with these top five posts for the week?

We Need More Words to Describe Depression

(Bipolar Advantage) – Depression. How would you define it? Having a hard time expressing the feeling in words? You’re not alone. There are some who can feel emotions strongly, but can’t describe it and others who can’t feel it at all. Tune in to your own feelings about depression, then go here to express it yourself.

What a Negative Body Image Really Is

(Weightless) – Too often we reject our bodies and torture them with diets and self-destructive and unforgiving thoughts. This post is a reminder for all of us to be more conscious of the way we perceive our bodies and to refocus our attention on learning to love ourselves.

PTSD, Addiction, and Healing Horses: Part One

(Therapy Soup) – An interesting look at the link between PTSD and addiction from trauma specialist Teresa Pasquale. Learn how alternative forms of therapy such as animal therapy, yoga and creative arts are helping heal trauma survivors and addicts.

Experiencing Psychosis

(Channel N) – Know what psychosis is? Based on this short documentary, a lot of people don’t have an inkling. Watch this to get a first hand look at what exactly psychosis is and how to cope with it from people who’ve experienced it.

Our Judgments Say Most About Ourselves

(Always Learning) – Ever make a judgment about someone before you really knew them? Sure, we’re all guilty of that. The key is to be aware of our own initial impressions and work at not letting it affect our opinions. Read this and be reminded of how judging others says a lot about us as much as it does the person or thing being judged.