It’s weird writing the date on today’s, “Best of Our Blogs.” Why? Because July 23rd is my birthday. It’s scary to think a whole year passed by. And what’s worse is that in light of another year gone by, it’s all too easy to ask those daunting, won’t-get-you-anywhere type of questions. Things like, “What have I really accomplished in a year?” or, “Why haven’t I reached all of my dreams yet?”

Ever since I was a kid, I would view birthdays as a rite of passage, a way to measure this year against the one before. And that would inevitably lead to disappointment. Weighing all the ups and downs in one’s past is difficult, if not impossible to compare with the present. Somehow the past always seems more perfect. When you can see the end result, for example, of all the hard work you did before landing a job or to heal your bouts with anxiety, your life seems in order. In comparison, thinking about where you are now in the present, worrying about the unknown future and the endless possibilities both good and bad, the current year you’re in feels less than. It’s easy to get down on yourself about all the changes you still need to make. It’s an uphill battle down a road not yet seen.

To change that this year, I’ve taken something I’ve read in a book called Shift by Peter Arnell. It’s a book on business and marketing, but interwoven within the chapters is ways to subtly shift your life. One of the things Arnell says is that when “embarking on a major personal change,” embrace your youness, and be completely who you are, no matter how crazy that seems to others or even yourself. So I’m going to try it. Today and going forward, I’m going to scrap my past beliefs on change and shift my focus on who I am now and be me, perfectly imperfect the way I am.

Speaking of perfection and change, here are a handful of best blogs to end the week by that definitely won’t disappoint!

Cutting the Costs of Perfectionism

(360 of Mindful Living) – Perfectionism may make a person look, well perfect. But it’s not. It’s far from it in fact. Read all the ways perfectionism can take a toll on the person trying so hard to be perfect.

4 Steps to Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs

(World of Psychology) – Do you have a belief about yourself (that you’re not good enough, you’ll never get over that bad habit, etc.) that’s sabotaging your life? Read these four ways to break away from them into a freer, happier life. Disclaimer: Work and patience are necessary to achieve results.

Creative Thinking and Schizophrenia

(The Creative Mind) – An awe-inspiring look into the mind of those with Schizophrenia. The line between creative ideas and delusion is a tricky one. Read this and ponder about your own magical thinking and creativity.

Who Said That Change Was Easy?

(Healing Together for Couples) – Wish your partner would change? Wonder why you can’t stick to that diet? One thing’s for sure. Change is hard! This top post looks at why it’s so hard and what you can do about it.

It’s 12 O’Clock Do You Know Where Your Mind Is?

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Did you ever see the movie Click? The Adam Sandler flick where he can fast forward through life? You might not have a remote control that can do that, but being on autopilot’s kind of the same thing. This will teach you how to slow down and take control of your life by learning how to be more mindful and recognizing the mind traps that act as time traps in your life.