Today, one door closed for me. Yet, last week another one flew wide open. Even with the happy news, this recent event could have put me on a one way street towards disappointment, pessimism and despair. And to be honest, it did for at least most of my morning. But something shifted in me. Maybe it’s all of the inspiring articles I get to read here. Like this week’s post on learning how to be mindful of all moments and accept them for what they are.

Still, it was difficult at first. Kind of like going to the dentist or grieving over a lost friendship, my impulse was to distract and detach. But I pressed on. Like you, I’m learning as I go along. Specifically, that life’s not about rigidity and always getting what I want. And that this closed door could be a sign of something bigger (and no I’m not psychotic-you’ll understand when you read this week’s post below). Also, that a rejection or failure could be a good thing, a signal that you’re going the wrong way and detracting from your true path. It’s a reminder to stay hopeful, have faith and learn to be open to the possibility of what can be instead of what is. It’s interesting that these are all things I would have missed had I not been fully present in the pain of losing something I thought I wanted, and accepting the situation for what it is.

On that note, I hope you’ll also reap significant rewards for our top posts. And if you have, please let me know here.

Are You Spiritual or Psychotic?

(World of Psychology) – Hearing voices? Believe in signs? That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re psychotic. In fact, what’s the difference between psychic and psychotic anyway? In this riveting post, Therese Borchard explores the fine line.

What’s Eating You, Perfectionist?

(360 of Mindful Living) – If you think perfectionists are obsessed with perfection, then you’re probably not a perfectionist. Find out what perfectionism really is and in doing so, you’ll get a clearer understanding of the difference between OCD and OCPD as well.

Thich Nhat Hanh on What We May be Missing in Life

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – This post puts on a spotlight on what you and I are probably unaware of in our lives, the small pleasant moments that get overshadowed when anxiety hits. Read this and be awakened to everything going around you right now that you may have previously missed.

Temple Grandin on Autism

(Channel N) – A powerful video on the importance of early education and intervention in young children with autism. Author and advocate Temple Grandin provides information on autism from someone with a wealth of knowledge of the disorder and first-hand experience of it.

Family Mental Health Quick Tips

(Family Mental Health) – We all need help at one time or another. New parents, married folks and extended families, read this. Here are important reminders about the tools you need to raise a healthy family and a happy self.